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Challenge #4: Skips

Welcome to the skips post.
Every member automatically gets one skip to skip one round.
And everyone who pimps stock_one will get a second skip, this is your chance to skip one more round.
You should give me the link where you pimped this community, so I can add the second skip to this skip post to your username.
You can pimp as often as you like, but you will have only 2 skips anyway.

If you were not able to post your icon to round, I will use your skip, so you won't be eliminated, but if you fail next time you'll get disqualified unless you've gotten a second skip.

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Challenge #4: Sign up

If you'd like to participate in Stock One, read the rules first and then comment on this post with your username and the magic word, which you should know, if you read the rules.
Comments will be screened.
Before you sign up, you have to join and I will accept you. Aslo you might want to friend this community to not to miss something :)

As for the theme for Challenge #3, write theme that you'd like to see in Challenge #4 (no roads, animals and flowers this time!):

Which theme whould you like to see in Challenge #4?

The sign up for Challenge #4 at stock_one won't close before we'll get enough people.. or before i say so :)

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Challenge #3: Round #7 Final Voting

- You have to vote for 1 [ONE] icon you like the most is each part.
- You should include ponderable reasons to your vote, not just i like\love this icon, explain why and what.
- Don't get other people to vote for you. I'll see that, trust me ;)
- All comments are screened.

fulminant, fara0, mariarita you can not vote.
Everyone else, i'm expecting you to vote ;)
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Voting will probably end on Tuesday.